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What To Do If You Have A Leak

Plumbing LeaksOur general plumbing services provide you with everything you need if you have a leak. Whether that’s a slow dripping tap, or gushing water from a mains pipe, our experienced and qualified team of plumbers always provide a professional, friendly and ultra-reliable service.

If you have a leak, it’s essential to stem the flow as quickly as possible, even if it’s just a drip at this stage. Acting quickly is the most important thing you can do – as it minimises the amount of damage that can be done. An unmanaged leak can very quickly turn into a big problem, causing irreversible damage to ceilings, walls and fittings. A short call to one of our plumbers in Bristol will cost you far less than having to replace water damage on your property. 

If your leak cannot be contained or is being caused by an uncontrollable water pipe, we recommend turning off your water supply at the main stop tap where possible, and to call our team immediately. We have a team of local plumbers in Bristol who are on call to provide rapid response for emergency leaks and plumbing support. 

If your leak is not coming from a mains water pipe, but rather from a waste pipe, we recommend discontinuing all use of the appliance where this water drains (whether it’s a sink, bath, shower etc.). Once you have identified where the leak is coming from, we suggest containing the area around the pipe to prevent any water damage on fixtures and fittings. One of the most common leaks our plumbers in Bristol attend to is slow leaks under kitchen sinks. If you can, protect your home by placing a washing up bowl or bucket under the affected pipe. You can then give us a call to arrange for a member of our team to assess the leak before advising you of your options.

If you’ve got a leak that’s rapidly becoming a flood risk, call us ASAP.

What To Do If You Have A Blockage

Whether it’s a slow draining leak or a backed-up toilet, our plumbers in Bristol are experienced in managing toilet, sink and drainage blockages for domestic and commercial properties. 

If you have a slow draining blockage, we’d recommend trying some of the tried and tested basics before calling out a plumber to intervene. You can try a heavy-duty sink and drain unblocker, along with pouring a full boiling kettle down the affected sink or drain. This can be extremely effective in dealing with small build-ups of food, coffee grounds and other debris that finds its way down your plug hole. If you’re still having long-term issues with slow draining sinks or drains, please call one of our plumbers in Bristol who will be able to come and assess the blockage before advising you on your options. 

If you have a blocked or backed-up toilet, it’s likely that your toilet drain is partially or completely blocked. There are three more common types of a blocked toilet; 

  1. Water drains slowly when you flush – clear signs that a blockage is beginning to form or has partially formed
  2. After flushing, your toilet bowl remains nearly empty. This is caused by poor air circulation within the waste pipes leading out into sewage. 
  3. The water level in your toilet rises beyond the norm and does not fall again. This is a sign of a complete blockage that the water cannot pass. 


If you are experiencing any of the blockages above, we’d recommend calling us immediately for advice and support to discuss the blockage, as we often get call outs from residents who have tried to unblock a slow drain or blockage, only to back up their system, making it worse. Our plumbers in Bristol will be able to guide and support you on the next steps, and if required, visit your home to fix the blockage. If you are located in Longwell Green, Bristol or nearby, we are not only the leading plumbers in Bristol but the leading plumbers in Longwell Green. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experts today.