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In the United Kingdom, every day, we waste over 3000 million litres of perfectly good drinking water. Let that sink in for a second or two. Three billion litres of water wasted every day. It’s one of those stats that goes under the radar but really needs to be looked at both at a countrywide level but also individually as homeowners we really need to do better in not wasting so much perfectly good drinking water. Keith’s plumbing in Bristol not only looks after residential and private clients but also has an arm of the business dedicated to the more commercial side of the plumbing industry and offers all the main services such as central heating, boiler repair and installation, fixing leaky taps and pipes and clearing blockages, that you would expect from a plumber in Bristol.

According to the website, the average family can waste up to 180 gallons of water every single week of the year which is the equivalent of around 300 full washing machine loads annually. The top ways in which we use our water at home are as follows, toilet flushing accounts for 30% of the water used in the average household and a quick tip, to reduce this is to put a small plastic bottle of water in the cistern so that when you flush your toilet you do not use the water displaced by adding the bottle. You don’t have to be Archimedes to understand his water displacement theory. Personal washing using baths showers and taps, of which many have leaks, accounts for over 33% of our water usage and it also can be one of the main waste points so if you have leaky taps or perhaps even a tap where you have to run the water for a while before it gets to the right temperature then give Keith’s plumbing in Bristol a call and they may be able to help by upgrading your boiler or even fitting a new, more powerful central heating pump so the water travels around your house quicker and thus saves water wastage.

Washing up including dishwashing accounts for 10% of the daily usage and you can help reduce this by ensuring that your dishwasher is fully loaded before you put it on, also you can use the water leftover in the bowl after washing up to keep the garden nice and healthy, this would save you using the outside tap as there is nothing wrong with the grass enjoying your old washing-up water. 

For personal water use, it’s recommended to have a shower rather than a bath as you can use up to 10 times more water in a bath rather than a shower, especially if you use the shower in short sharp instances and also make sure that you turn off the water tap whilst brushing your teeth.

One of the most amazing facts is that out of all the household drinking water we use only 4% is actually drunk. 96% of all drinking water is not drunk. If you think about how much it costs to purify our water and also on a bigger scale how much of the world where clean drinking water is a luxury rather than a basic requirement, we really must then do better in the more developed countries at saving water. So even on a much smaller scale, at home, we should look to save more water than we do, be that making sure we follow some of the steps above, perhaps look to have a bigger faster water pump installed, got your local Bristol plumber to fix your leaky taps or just be a bit more conscious about how much water we are using and wasting then we can all make a difference.

Blockages and older pipework can cause leaks too and you may want to flush through your sinks and shower wastage points with boiling water to clear up any grease or hair that may well be blocking the outflow of your wastewater, a professional plumber in Bristol will be able to have a look for you if this does not solve your issues.

We hope that this article has made you think about how we can all do our bit to start saving the water we use and eliminating the wastage points detailed above. If we all work together on this then think of the savings daily the whole country would be able to make. If you have any concerns about leaks or your plumbing in general please get in touch today on 0117 251 0166. If you live in Longwell Green Bristol or any nearby area, we are the leading plumbers in Longwell Green and can give you the guarantee that we will be able to offer a highly professional service at a competitive price!